1. Launch the Elastic SSO instance via the Amazon AWS Marketplace.
  2. Configure your DNS so that you do not have to use the EC2 instance’s public DNS. Associate an Elastic IP to the instance.
  3. Go to https://\<instance ip or domain\>/admin (it make take several minutes for the instance to fully initialize before the URL is accessible.
    Note : You may notice an error message stating “Error database not ready”. This error will go away once you complete these instructions.

  4. Login using the default admin credentials
    username: admin
    password: <EC2 instance ID>

  5. It is best to change the admin credentials at this point. To do this go to:
    Administrator, Update Credentials

  6. Next, you will need to configure the MySQL database. This step is not required for version 3.0.8+. Go to:
    Administrator, Database Settings

    The instance will come with a local database ready to use. You can use the local database or provide your own. The local database credentials are
    username: root
    password: <ec2instanceid>

    You can configure the local database by accessing the server via SSH and using the mysql client.

  7. At this point, the application is ready to use. From here, you may start configuring the System Settings, User Accounts, Identity Provider, Service Providers, etc.
    Refer to the appropriate documentation for additional help. You can always click on Help within the Elastic SSO instance GUI, and it will show you help for the page you are viewing.

If there are questions, contact 9STAR support at support@9starinc.com.