The following outlines the steps to achieve SAML SSO integration with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation/Server 2010 using ActiveShareFS 2010.

  1. Create/prepare a Claims mode + Forms authentication SharePoint webapp that has a fully qualified domain name (e.g.:
  2. Create a root site collection.
  3. Install and configure Shibboleth SP for IIS. Download here. Refer here for further instructions on Shibboleth SP configuration for ASFS 2010.
  4. Install the ActiveShareFS 2010 installer.
  5. Configure ActiveShareFS 2010 in the webapp’s web.config.
  6. Customize the asfs.xml file to match your business requirements.
  7. Login!

For 9STAR to provide remote installation services, we will need Remote VPN/RDP access to your SP2010 front-end server for installation of the ActiveShareFS software. You can email access details to and one of our ActiveShareFS tech leads will review and respond back to you.