Custom User Fields Overview

A User Account consists of one or more sets of user fields. The minimum instance of a User Account within the system will contain basic user information fields: First name, Last name, Username and Email. The Custom User Fields allows the defining of additional field sets and the creation of user fields within those sets that are to be associated with user accounts. The main Custom User Fields page will show and allow management of all Field Sets that exist (other than the base field set of User Information) as well as any fields  that have been defined for those field sets.

Who has access?

System Administrators

Detailed Description

Create Field Set

To create a new field set, click on Create Field Set  in the Operations section. A form will be displayed with the fields needed for defining a field set. For example, if address information was desired to be defined for a user account, a field set named ‘Address Information’ could be created and fields like ‘Address’, ‘City’, ‘State’, ‘ZIP’, etc. could be added to the field set.

  • Name
    The name of the attribute group that is being created. This field is required and is limited to a length of 128 characters.

  • Title
    This is the text that will be shown as the title for the group whenever it is displayed in the system. If this is left blank, the Name of the field set will be used.

  • Enabled
    If a field set is not enabled, it will not be displayed when viewing, editing, or creating a user account. When creating a new field set, it is recommended to not enable the field set until all fields have been added to the field set.

Update/Delete Field Set

To update or delete an existing field set, click on the name of the field set which is located in the top right hand corner of a field set box. The same form as that which was displayed when creating the field set will be shown with the current field set settings filled in. To update the form, edit the fields and click on the Save button. To delete the field set, click on Delete Field Set in the Operation section of the page sidebar. A prompt will be displayed to confirm that the field set is to be deleted. Warning: When a field set is deleted, all fields defined within that field set will also be deleted and any existing values of these fields that are set in user accounts cannot be recovered. If the deletion is confirmed, then the field set will be deleted from the system.

Ordering of Field sets and fields

The order in which field sets and fields will be displayed when viewing, editing, or creating a user account is the order that they are displayed on this page. When a new group is created, it is automatically displayed below all other groups. To move a group, click on move up or move down in the group box of the group that is to be moved. To move a field, click on up or down in the Order column for the field that is to be moved. Fields cannot be moved between field sets.

Adding a Field

To add a field to a field set, click on Add field  in the field set box to which the field is to be added. Click here for more details.