The Site Access Log page displays log of the Service Providers that have been accessed from a user account.

The Site Access Log displays a list of the Sites that have been accessed by the current user account along with the attributes that were released to that Site and the date/time that the access occurred. Sites are listed by their entity ID. Initially, the list is sorted in descending order of the Visited On column (most recent access at the top of the list). The sort can be toggled between ascending and descending order by clicking on the Visited On column heading.

The entries displayed in the list will depend on how the user navigates to the Site Access Log page. If the user selected Site Access Log from the My Account main menu drop-down options, then the list will contain entries for all sites that have been accessed. However, if the user got to the access log page by the Sites page and clicking on the View link of a particular site, then the list will only contain entries for that particular site.