Username Policy Overview

(Note:  The term 'Username' may be changed on the System Settings page but will be used in the documentation for this page since that is the default initial setting. See the System Settings page for more details.)

The Username Policy page contains settings that are used to determine the validity of a username. The options are grouped into the following categories:

  • Length Requirements
  • Content Restrictions

These settings will only be used to check the validity of new or changed usernames. They will not affect existing usernames.

Who has access?

System Administrators

Detailed Description

Length Requirements

  • Minimum Length
    A new username must contains at least this many characters.

  • Maximum Length
    A new username cannot contain more than this number of characters.

Content Restrictions

  • Alphanumeric Only
    When this option is checked, only alphabetic and numeric characters will be allowed when creating a new username.

  • Username Blacklist
    This is a comma-separated list of words that are not allowed to be used as a username. Note that usernames may contain blanks but they cannot start or end with a blank so any blanks will be removed from the start and end of each of the items in this list when the list is saved.