App Co-branding Overview

The App Co-branding page displays a listing of the currently configured application co-brandings. When a user attempts to access a service provider, the login page will show a branding that is associated with the service provider. The branding can consist of a Service Name, Service Description, and graphical logo.

Who has access?

SAML Administrators

Create App Co-branding buttons

To create a new App Co-branding, click on the create button in the sidebar. The page will be displayed with the fields necessary to create the co-branding.

Update/Create App Co-branding

  • Service Provider Entity ID
    The Entity ID of the Service Provider that is to be co-branded.

  • Service Name
    This text will be displayed to the end-user when they attempt to access a service provider and has not already authenticated.

  • Service Description
    This is optional and will be displayed to the end-user below the Service Name.

  • Logo File
    An optional logo can also be shown to the end-user.

  • Enabled
    Indicates whether the App Co-brandingis to be enabled within the Elastic SSO application. Disabled Co-brandings are not displayed to the end user.