SAML Transaction Logs Overview

The SAML Transaction Logs page displays a list of the SAML transactions that have occurred. SAML transactions are only logged if the IdP has the Debug Mode option turned on.

Who has access?

SAML Administrators

Detailed Description

If any SAML transactions exist in the log, they will be listed in the SAML Transaction Logs area. To view a particular transaction, click on the transaction ID number in the list for the desired transaction.

  • Delete All
    To delete all of the SAML transactions in the log, click on the Delete All button displayed in the page sidebar. A prompt will be displayed to confirm that all transactions are to be deleted.

  • View Transaction
    On the View Transaction page, the details of a single SAML transaction log can be viewed.

  • Next/Previous
    The list of transactions can be easily navigated through using the Next and Previous buttons located in the Operations sidebar.

  • Delete
    Click on the Delete button to delete the currently viewed SAML transaction.