User Login

The User Login page is where users enter their username and password in order to be authenticated by the Elastic SSO system. If the login is successful then the user is granted access to their user account. Once logged in to their user account, a user can:

  • Update password
  • Update email address
  • Update user profile
  • Update preferences
  • View sites that they can access
  • View their site access log If too many attempts have been made to log in to an existing account without success, the system will require an additional Captcha verification code to be entered. This will help to prevent brute force attacks from gaining access to the system. The number of unsuccessful attempts before requiring the additional verification code is configurable by a System Administrator.

Contact Us

If the Elastic SSO application is configured to have a ‘Contact Us’ page, there will be an item for it in the menubar. The Contact Us page is accessible to everyone, whether logged in or not. Fill out the fields on the form and click Submit to send an email to the Contact Email Address which is configured by a System Administrator. All fields on the form are required. This form includes a security/verification code which is displayed graphically and must be entered into the Verification Code field. If the graphical code is difficult to read, click on the graphical code and it will automatically display a new code.

Error Page

If an internal error occurs in the Elastic SSO Application, an error page will be displayed. Most of the errors that result in the Error page being displayed will require a system administrator to resolve.