Console Commands

There are several console commands that you may execute for administrative or troubleshooting reasons. You will need to SSH into the instance using the security credentials provided during the instance’s launch. The SSH user is ec2-user. All commands should be executed using sudo.

  • sudo yum install mysql-server – To install a local MySQL server
  • sudo yum remove mysql-server – To uninstall the local MySQL server from the instance
  • sudo /sbin/shutdown – To shutdown the instance
  • sudo apachectl – To start/stop/restart Apache Webserver
  • sudo service mysqld start – To start the MySQL server
  • sudo service mysqld stop – To stop the MySQL server
  • sudo service mysqld restart – To restart the MySQL server
  • sudo /sbin/chkconfig – See the man pages for chkconfig
  • sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation – To run the post-install MySQL script that aids in securing the server
  • sudo /usr/sbin/reset-admin-credentials – To reset the super admin username and password
  • sudo /usr/sbin/reset-database – To reset the database configuration
  • sudo /usr/sbin/migrate-database – To update the database schema to match the ElasticSSO software version