User Authentication Logs


The User Authentication Transaction Logs page displays a list of the application user login attempts that have occurred.

Who has access?

User Administrators

Detailed Description

All attempts for users to login to the application will be logged in the database. This page shows a listing of the login attempts that currently exist in the database. Each row in the display corresponds to a login attempt and displays the username, result message, browser user agent information, IP address of the user and a timestamp of the login attempt. The list is sortable by ID, User and Timestamp. Initially, the list is shown sorted by descending ID. To sort by a different column value, click on the heading of the column for which the item is to be sorted. To reverse the sort order of the existing displayed sort, click on the column heading which is currently being used. A sort order indicator (ascending or descending) will be shown next to the heading text of the column for the sort that is currently in effect.

Delete All

To delete all of the user authentication transactions in the log, click on the Delete All button displayed in the page sidebar. A prompt will be displayed to confirm that all transactions are to be deleted.