Email Templates

Email Templates Overview

The content of emails that are sent out by the Elastic SSO application can be changed through configuration of email templates. The main Email Templates page displays the available email templates grouped by functionality. These groupings are:

  • Administrator Initiated Actions
  • User Self Service
  • User Initiated Registration
  • User Administrative Privileges *

* Management of user administrative privileges is limited to the Super Administrator. Although users who are designated as System Administrators have access to this page, the User Administrative Privileges email template group will not be displayed for them.

Who has access?

System Administrators (see note in Overview for some restrictions)

Detailed Description

Updating an Email Template

Within each grouping of email templates displayed on the main Email Template page, the templates available for editing are listed showing the template name, a short description and a timestamp of when the template was last modified. To edit a template, click on the name of the template in the Template Name column of the grouping. The email template update form will be displayed with the fields set to the ¬†template’s current settings.

Template Subject

This is the text that will comprise the subject line of the email that is sent. Template keywords are supported in this field.

Template Body

This is the text that will comprise the body of the email that is sent. Template keywords are supported in this field.

To change an email template, edit the subject and body fields and click on the Save button to save the changes. When a template is saved, the page is returned to the Email Template main page. While on the update page, clicking on the Back button will return to the Email Template main page and any changes that have been made will be lost. Navigating to a different page via the menu bar will cause any unsaved changes to be lost. Also, any unsaved changes will be lost if the browser page is refreshed.


Just below the Template Body field on the update page is a listbox containing keywords that can be used in the Template Subject and Template Body fields. Keywords are values that indicate where variable data is to be inserted in the text. These are for values that can change because they can vary such as a system setting or data fields from a user account. Using keywords in the email templates will alleviate the need to remember and change email templates whenever system settings are changed because the changes will automatically be used when the email template is processed during the sending of a system email. Keywords must be enclosed in double curly braces. If a keyword in the keyword list is double-clicked, it will be inserted (along with the required curly braces) at the current text cursor position of the Template Body. Keywords (and the delimiting curly braces) must be manually typed into the Template Subject field in order to use one within the email subject line.

Sending a Test Email

From the Email Template Update page, a test email can be sent based on the displayed subject and body. When an email template is saved, it is active and will be used in sending out emails of that type. Therefore, it is recommended to send a test email before saving the template in order to check the layout of the email. To send the test email, click on the Send Test Email button. A prompt will be displayed asking for a destination email address. Enter an email address and click on OK. An email based on the currently displayed email template will be sent (assuming the email server options have been correctly set in System Settings). When the test email is sent, keywords that are representing system settings will be converted to the actual system setting values. Keywords that are for user account data values such as firstname, lastname, email, etc. will stay as keywords since there is currently no user account associated with the test email. Note that the test email is based on the displayed template values and not on the saved values. This means that the subject and body of the email template can be edited and tested to make sure that the email format is correct before the email template is saved. Emails that are sent out by the system will continue to use the saved email templates.