System Logs

Systems Logs Overview

The System Logs page displays a list of events that have occurred within the Elastic SSO application.

Who has access?

Super Administrator

Detailed Description

Events that occur within the Elastic SSO application will be logged in the database. This page shows a listing of the events that currently exist in the database. Each row in the list represents an event and shows an ID, a text message associated with the event, and a timestamp (UTC) of when the event occurred. The list is sortable by ID. Initially, the list is shown sorted by descending ID. To reverse the sort order, click on the ID column heading. A sort order indicator (ascending or descending) will be shown next to the heading text in the ID column.

The list of logged events can be filtered by entering search criteria in the filter entry fields located just below the ID and Message headings. Type in the desired search criteria and press the Enter key. Only those events containing the search criteria will be displayed. To clear the filter and display all logged events, either refresh the browser page (F5) or delete the search criteria from the filter entry fields and press the Enter key.

Note: Refreshing the browser page (F5) will reset the sort to be done by descending ID.

Delete All

To delete all of the events in the log, click on the Delete All button displayed in the page sidebar. A prompt will be displayed to confirm that all events are to be deleted.